Scorching Southern Winds Heatwave: What UK Should Expect and the Real Meaning of this Weather Disturbance

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11 June 2020, 07:31 GMT

Britons are bracing for another scorching heatwave to hit next week, with temperatures soaring past the mid-20s. Forecasters have predicted a warm week from Monday, June 15 to Sunday 21 after the month kicked off with changeable and unsettled weather. Thunderstorms which hit parts of Britain last weekend are set to reappear next week, according to a long-range forecast.

What is Expected from the Heatwave?

Experts at WxCharts claimed by next Monday thermometers could tip towards 25.6C and will hover in the early to mid-20s over the following days. High pressure systems look set to become established over northern and northeastern Europe, according to BBC Weather.

This, in turn, is expected to block out weather systems coming into the continent from the Atlantic. This could mean a dry spell for much of the UK. The southern region of England has a chance of being hit by unsettled conditions.

Heavy thunderstorms could roll in bringing showers. While there is a chance the storms could drift north towards the Midlands and Wales, the southern part of the country is set to be the wettest.

Warmer than usual temperatures are expected in all areas of the UK from next week. But, there is a chance that the Atlantic low pressure systems could push a bit further east. This would result in cooler temperatures for the UK and wet and windy conditions.

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BBC’s Weather Report

BBC Weather said: "The other big feature of this weather pattern is that it looks warmer than normal in all areas of the country. This is thanks to the broadly southerly winds we expect to persist for much of the week.

This week will see showers early on Thursday gradually turn into persistent rain later in the day? Before next week's heatwave begins, temperatures will soar to 23C on Saturday but there will still be a risk of rain.

Some of the showers at the beginning of the weekend could be heavy, forecasters have warned. Tomorrow it will be largely cloudy with showers or longer spells of rain, most of which will be light.

The Forecast

BBC Weather's Carol Kirkwood said: "Tomorrow then we pick up our band of rain. Again, it's going to be sinking southwards and eastwards - there could be some heavy bursts in this. Ahead of it we're likely to see some showers in the South East. Some of those could be heavy and thundery as well."

However, heavy showers will develop later in Wales and South West England, some of which are likely to be thundery. Thursday will be cloudy with showers across England and Wales and there will be a brisk easterly breeze.
Friday will be cloudy with light showers for most regions. Heavy rain will affect southern areas in the afternoon.