Is God Showing Anger When the Washington Monument Was Struck with Lightning?

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Last updated: 17 June 2020, 07:37 GMT

A lightning strike which hit the Washington Monument was a sign from God he is not happy with Donald Trump and America, conspiracy theorists have claimed.

In the midst of nation-wide protests, US President Donald Trump has been met with strong criticism for his handling of the situation. The controversial leader of the US prompted further anger when he held a photo-op outside St John's Episcopal Church on Lafayette Square, having forcibly removed peaceful protesters in the process.

The Washington Monument Incident

After lightning struck the Washington Monument - the 555 ft (169 m) tall obelisk in the National Mall, Washington DC - some are claiming that even God is showing his disapproval towards President Trump. The four second clip on the lightning hitting the monument has garnered more than 9 million times on Twitter, prompting some wild theories.

One person wrote on Twitter: "It's what happens when the anti-Christ touches the Bible for a photo op." Another added: "Even GOD is speaking out against Trump."

A third said: "That’s what we get when our leaders abuse religion for a prop. "And the Bible upside down ... I knew it would be beyond redemption!"

One person took it a little further, tweeting: "God’s aim was a little off. This lightning bolt was meant for the White House, hits Washington Monument instead."

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God’s Anger through Lightning  

Violence has flared in dozens of cities in the wake of the death of George Floyd, an African American man killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Mr Trump branded the protesters "thugs" and tweeted: "Get tough Democrat Mayors and Governors.“These people are ANARCHISTS. Call in our National Guard NOW."

The protests spread around the world, including Black Lives Matter protests in London. However, a protest planned for Hyde Park this Saturday has been postponed as far right groups have threatened to hold counter protests.

Black Lives Matter organizers in London said: We want the protests to be a safe space for people to attend. However, we don’t think it will be possible with people like them present.

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What Does this Moment Has to Say?

Although a similar event will still go ahead today. Other protests led by Labour group Momentum – “Antifascists support Black Lives Matter” – will also still take place on Saturday.

It comes amid fears far-Right thugs were planning confrontations with anti-racism activists this weekend when they descend on London to "defend" memorials and statues.

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) called on members to protect war memorials along Whitehall from noon on Saturday.

The planned action came after Black Lives Matter activists published a list of 60 "racist statues" they want removed for "celebrating slavery".